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What's an alpaca? 

lpaca (Vicugna pacos) is a domesticated species originally a South American Camelid. It resembles a small llama in superficial appearance.

            Typical textbook definition, but hardly a true description of one of the most inquisitive creatures one would happen to come in contact with. I bet if you sat in a tree stand during any season from 5am to 5pm you can see, hear and smell the wildlife all around you, but even as  an observer most of us will never be close to feeling one with nature.
            Visit an alpaca farm, volunteer at one, go online and read or watch what people from all walks of life think about alpacas and why they got involved with them. You’ll get a lot of different responses, we did. The answers were never one that fit our reason for wanting to be involved in the alpaca lifestyle. You will have an easier time asking someone “Huacaya or Suri which one is better?” It’s a matter of preference to each his own.
            So with a little luck and a lot of research (some good, some bad) we ventured into our own alpaca lifestyle and passion.
            We hope you will take the time to visit our website and maybe you will want to join the alpaca lifestyle as well…...Enjoy!!

Andy & Sue Saccoccia




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