Here are some of our current & past

wonderful and generous Alpaca Sponsors:

Vicki with Zephyr Lily

Lisa with Moon Goddess ("Moonlight")

Heather sponsored Genesys

Lily with Grand Jubilee Renee

​Love alpacas but not sure of purchasing one or you just want to learn more maybe you want to have hands on experience?

We have alpaca sponsorships available.

 You can sponsor any available alpaca of your choice for just

          $150/year (as of 1/1/2019) 

Renewal of same alpaca will be increased by $25 

With your one year alpaca sponsorship, you will:

Any questions, please email or call us.

Our alpaca sponsorship program is intended for potential alpaca owners & people who want to learn about the alpaca lifestyle.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Receive email updates and personalized pictures of your alpaca ​

​You will also receive samples of your alpaca's fiber.

        (If you desire the full blanket fleece of your sponsored alpaca it will be $30 plus the $150 annual sponsorship fee, total amount will be $180 as of 1/1/2019)

We will meet with you for an introduction to our farm and your alpaca  

(You will learn the lineage, history and general specifics on your alpaca)

You will be able to come visit your sponsored alpaca

             (We will require scheduling prior visiting with your alpaca so we can ensure your alpaca is ready

                    for your visit and someone is with you for the duration of your time with your alpaca, this is for bio-security and safety for humans and alpacas) 


 Get first invitations to farm special events such as workshops,

National Alpaca Farm Days, Shearing Day


 Exclusive participation with our monthly herd health

             (Where you will learn basic animal husbandry, how to weigh, groom and vaccinate and lunch will be provided for all herd health participants)


 20 % off discount on any your purchase in our farm store for the duration of

your alpaca sponsorship


Training on how to walk with your alpaca

        (For safety and biosecurity reasons, your alpaca is not allowed off the farm)


A dozen farm fresh eggs during the visit with your alpaca 

(supplies limited,  thus no guarantee that there will eggs available during your visit)


***Definition of Sponsorship***

Please note sponsoring an alpaca is not the same as owning or having ownership rights to the alpaca. The sponsorship payment allows us to continue this program as well as maintaining and caring for the alpaca.

We value your support in participating in our sponsorship program!

Please visit our Alpacas for Sale section should you be interested in owning alpacas.

***Visiting your Sponsored Alpaca***

Sponsoring an alpaca will allow you access to your alpaca on the weekends and some weekdays, however we require scheduling an appointment for desired time and date at least 1 week prior to your visits so we can ensure someone will be at the farm to assist you during the visits.***

***Other Important Sponsorship Guidelines***

Sponsorship is on a first-come-first-serve basis, please check for availability on your choice of which alpaca you would like to sponsor.

Leaving the farm with your sponsored alpaca is NOT permitted.

There are no refunds once your alpaca sponsorship payment is received.


        So your sponsorship has ended and you want to renew your sponsorship with the same special alpaca, there will be an additional $25 renewal fee to your initial sponsorship fee​ ***(as of 1/1/2019).***

If you wanted to renew your sponsorship but want to sponsor a new alpaca,

fee will be $150

***Interested in purchasing your sponsored alpaca?***

You are entitled to 15% off the sale price as well as free 3 months of boarding

Alisa & family- sponsored Goldkist Apricot-

(the shawl is handmade by talented Alisa with Apricot's fleece)

sponsor an alpaca

This is intended for potential alpaca owners &

people who want to learn about the alpaca lifestyle

Joey with Maxwell Spruce ("Max")

Merle Exit with Zephyr Lilly

Some of our past wonderful Alpaca Sponsors:

Danielle with Apricot during one of our monthly herd health sessions

We still have few alpacas available for sponsorship,

 here are some of the wonderful alpacas 
currently available to choose to sponsor:

Jacqui with Tammi

Frances with Typhoon Clara